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Paid Ads: Google & Social Media

We design, optimize and manage your digital ads. When combined with organic marketing & SEO, our clients have had some impressive results growing their client bases and increasing revenues.

Running paid ads without a Google Partner agency or a dedicated Facebook Marketing Rep is like throwing money out the window.

We create your eye-catching ads based on your keywords.

We test your ads to optimize them and make sure they’re reaching the right users – the ones in your target market.

We’re an official Google Partner, which is a pretty good way to assess whether a marketer knows what they’re doing.

Why does it matter?

Because being a Google Partner means we’ve demonstrated skilled expertise at Google’s organic and paid Search platforms, we’ve met Google’s ad spend requirements, delivered company and client growth, and we’ve grown our own client base.

You can’t trick Google. Either you’ve met the requirements to be a Google Partner or you haven’t.

We consistently report the results to you using clear KPIs like cost per click, click through rate, and conversions.

Basically we take the worry away from advertising online, while at the same time bringing in new customers and clients to your business.

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Web Design

Clean, intuitive website designs that market your business online like never before.

Our web design & development team have built stunning websites in many different industries from medical device manufacturers to local barbershops, and from attorneys & veterinarians to HVAC installers and flooring showrooms.

We work with you to find a design you love, then we create the design and build out the architecture. Then we present a completed draft, revising until you are extremely happy with your site.

Our first goal is to make your site look great on all screens through responsive website design (mobile first!). Just as importantly, we turn your website into something that isn’t just the online face of your business, but is also a lead generation engine.

All of our websites are fully implemented with top level SEO during the build.

SEO & Search Marketing

Expand your online reach in your preferred geographic location. Get on the first page of
search results. Our consistent, effective search marketing work grows your online presence and brings you new business.


We’ve reached the point where even the least tech-savvy business owners know of SEO, and many have a good sense of what it entails. Being a business owner, there isn’t enough time in the day for you to be an SEO expert as well. Part of that is the nature of running a business. It’s time consuming so learning about search engines isn’t as high a priority. Due to the time it takes to operate your business, owners have a need for someone to step in a do digital and search marketing work. Otherwise your local search results (or lack thereof) will lead potential customers to their competitors.

Another reason to invest in search marketing: Google’s search algorithm is now a constantly changing, fluid artificial intelligence program. It requires knowledgeable and talented search marketing experts that comprehend the process.


The work search marketers do for businesses varies depending on the goals, needs and the type of business. A startup requires linkbuilding and website optimization work, while an established company may benefit from PR, blogging and consistent content marketing. All of these are part of search marketing and SEO, but it is important to craft a strategy that is customized for each client.

Businesses would benefit most from the whole array of skilled services a good Internet and search marketer provides. In reality, a company like Optimize Digital will work with clients to create a strategy based on business goals, budgets and needs.

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Social Media Marketing

Need to establish and grow your social media presence? We have proven success at growing your social media audience and increasing engagement with your target market.

We’re a content engine. You get promotional videos, copywriting, curated articles and more. All to promote your business on social media.

We use purpose-built data analytics tools that allow us to track and report on your social media performance indicators.

More Services

We also provide our clients with discounted promotional videos, email marketing, or graphic & logo design, we’ve done it all! Our resources are rock solid.