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Paid Ads: Google & Social Media

With your invaluable input, we design, optimize and manage your digital advertising. When combined with organic marketing & SEO, our clients have had some impressive results growing their client bases and increasing revenues.

If your website needs a new landing page for your ads, we’ll make it happen. We design clean, focused landing pages that are optimized for conversions – meaning calls, emails, and contacts that lead to sales.

Paid ads are the fastest way to get potential clients, patients and customers to your site. If you’re doing ads now but aren’t happy with the results, we can optimize your campaigns and make sure you’re using the right features and strategies.

Google & Meta Agency Support Program

At the same time, running paid ads without a Google Partner agency or an agency with a dedicated Facebook ads rep is like throwing money out the window.

We have access and knowledge of how to best optimize your ads with the goal of generating new revenues for your business.

Your Digital Ads

  • We create your eye-catching ads based on your keywords and your goals.
  • We test your ads to optimize them and make sure they’re reaching the right users (the ones in your target market).

For nearly ten years, we’ve provided clients with expert Google and Facebook paid ads that generate calls and emails. Our work has also sent many thousands of new, well-qualified potential customers to their websites.

Optimize Digital Clients
Doing Paid Ads 96%
New Clients Who
Need a New Landing Page 80%
Client Retention Rate 90%

Our expertise with digital ads generates new clients, customers, or patients for small business owners.

We consistently report the results to you using clear KPIs like cost per click, click through rate, phone calls, and actions taken on your website.

We take the worry away from advertising online, while at the same time bringing in new customers and clients to your business.

Digital Ads FAQs

Why Paid Ads?

There’s no faster way to get well qualified potential clients, patients or customers to your landing page. They’re already searching for what you provide, so why not make sure they’re seeing your business when they search Google?

We also recommend social media ads in order to reach your potential customers where they are. You’ll reach them on Google, and you’ll reach them while they’re scrolling social media.

Why does it matter if an agency is a member of Google and Facebook's Agency Support Programs?

It helps to have an actual human at Google and Facebook who we can reach out to anytime for our clients.

We can utilize our dedicated Facebook and Google Ads reps to lower costs per click, to expand the reach of your ads, and to access insider knowledge and tips to optimize your ads and bring in new business for you.

Are you utilizing extensions in your Google ads?

Are you making sure that your social media ads are retargeting your ad to visitors of your website who didn’t call you or contact you yet?

Sky’s the limit because we get our information from the source.

How much is paid ads management?

Pricing starts at $425.

For more than one campaign, pricing depends how many campaigns and ads you’re running at one time. That’s because each campaign and each ad requires monitoring, testing, optimizing, and of course reporting the results to you.

What's the next step?

Contact us to set up a call back or we can schedule a meeting – we’re happy to come visit you at your business. We’re a locally owned and operated Westchester marketing agency, and we love meeting clients in person as well.

Then we’ll work up a quote for you, mapping out the strategies and the work we’ll be providing.

Our clients have been extremely happy with their paid ads results.

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