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New Optimize Digital Marketing Clients in Westchester, NY

Optimize Digital is thrilled to announce three new clients in Westchester, NY. All three provide great services for their community. In addition, they all have a serious passion for what they do. That is part of the reason they hired Optimize Digital to help them with digital marketing – to help their passion thrive.

1. Can’t Lose Diet, Harrison, NY

“We are committed to promoting good health, learning better eating habits and achieving a healthy weight level for your body. Why? Because you are unique. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, you are an individual unlike anyone else, and the Can’t Lose Diet works specifically to promote your optimum health and well-being. It doesn’t end there, however.Following the Can’t Lose Diet means you are making healthy food choices and purchasing locally-sourced products whenever available. Your successes help raise awareness for better healthy living as you engage in improving the overall health of the community.”

2. Gentleman’s Barber Spa

“Imagine an exclusive club-like atmosphere where a man can indulge in the quiet luxury of a great haircut, a shave and the sense of serenity that provides a welcome interlude in our hectic lives. This is the founding idea behind Gentleman’s Barber Spa, created by world-class master barber Peter Palushi, formerly of London’s prestigious Truefitt & Hill and New York’s The Art of Shaving.

From the very moment that you step into the Gentleman’s Barber Spa, you sense the difference from the standard barber shop: the refurbished antique barber chairs from 1950s, the classic setting, the attractive and highly professional staff. And the range of services, from hair cuts to shaves, from facials to massage. It’s all yours. It’s all waiting for you. It’s all about Looking Great. Feeling Special.”

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