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From Westchester to Boston: Event SEO for New England’s Renaissance Festival

Westchester business owners who work with us often come to Optimize Digital for help marketing their seminars and other promotional events. From designing flyers and invitations, to promoting the event around the web using next-level tech, our clients know where to turn for results they can trust.

Optimize Digital Search Marketing for Local Events

Then there are businesses that are events – like festivals, fairs and certain conferences or trade shows. In that case, the business itself is an event. Doing search marketing for a festival like any other business is a no-no.

Brick & mortar or professional businesses need a consistent, long view strategy, maintaining search prominence all year and over time. That doesn’t change because of the event nature of a business. But, you do have to take a different approach.

The fact that the event business’s success depends on high attendance means organic search marketing is a big part of the mix. Add in some retargeting, social media marketing and a solid email & PR campaign and you’re on your way to a successful season.

Search Marketing & SEO Results for Event Businesses

When it comes to event marketing, King Richard’s Faire outside Boston is as fun as it gets. Three years ago Optimize Digital connected with the Faire’s team on the topic of SEO. Their management team had PR, paid ads, and social media sourced and locked in.

But we noticed that their website’s Meta data needed updating. From there the question was, “what else could help them reach more of their potential customers online”?

That’s when we started providing SEO for the Faire’s season yearly.

The work includes:

  • Keyword research – which searches are performed most by potential fair goers?
  • Website optimization – is your website’s Meta data updated seasonally? Is it telling search engines and users where you are, who you are and what you offer? This includes optimizing ever-important photos!
  • Engagement with Google’s environment – Google Posts, consistently uploading photos and videos, linking to external articles.
  • Keyword testing – Where do you rank in search results?
  • Tracking – How many people are clicking from Google Search to your website? Which kinds of photos and content creates the most engagement and conversions to paying customers?


Once again the results proved that adding SEO and search marketing to the mix drove engagement, clicks and conversions. In other words, the return on their investment was massive:

  • Potential customers viewed King Richard’s Faire in Google Search results, on average, 115,000 times per month during Faire season.
  • Website visits per month from Google search: over 10,000
  • People who viewed Google Posts per month: over 40,000
  • People who viewed optimized photos per month: over 110,000
  • Estimated revenue from Organic Search Marketing 2019: $1,380,000

Keep in mind, most events that our clients need promoted aren’t going to generate millions of dollars. Our clients’ events are mainly to generate new business while providing valuable information and solutions.

Whether you’re conducting a real estate seminar that needs graphic design and content work, or a design studio that offers educational workshops, Optimize Digital has the experience to make your next event a seriously effective new business generator.


Contact us for more information on our next-level digital marketing services for you Westchester County business:

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