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8 Reasons Why Local SEO Helps Your Westchester Business

Smart business owners know how important search engine optimization (SEO) is for their company’s website. SEO, when done effectively, will help increase a website’s visibility on search engines – specifically Google Search results.

This means that their website will show up on the first page of search results when someone searches for a keyword or phrase that applies to their business. Being in the top results can send thousands of targeted, qualified prospects to your website that weren’t seeing your business before.

In fact, smart SEO done by a local Westchester SEO service can help your business in multiple ways.

Consider these benefits of SEO:

1. You’ll see an increase in traffic.

As your website becomes more optimized over time, it will start to rank higher in search engines for relevant search terms. As this happens, you’ll see an increase in traffic, or prospects viewing your site. Ultimately this increases sales too – as long as your website kicks your competition to the curb and acts as a lead generation engine.

2. It will increase the credibility of your business.

Your customers are conditioned to believe that the best businesses are those ranked at the top of the search engines, whether that is true or not.

  • When you rank highly, your prospects perceive your business more favorably, which leads to an increase in sales, conversions, and brand recognition.

3. SEO can lead to long-lasting results.

Radio, print, and billboard ads produce short-term rewards. SEO, on the other hand, helps to deliver long-term rewards.

  • By investing in SEO, your online presence increases, resulting in a more profitable return on investment (ROI). Not only that, but people will Google your business to find out if they like what they see. Having a large digital footprint and good online reputation go a long way toward converting visitors to customers.

4. You’re in control of the cost.

Whether you need more online exposure, want a more profitable a social media presence, or need content marketing, you’ll know how much it will cost before signing off. Once you know what each service will cost, you can determine which you believe would give you a better ROI. We can help you there too!

5. Your website will become more user-friendly.

A good SEO expert will be able to look at your website and optimize it not only for the search engines but also for your users too.

  • Improving your website’s user experience includes many aspects, including how quickly your website loads, how easy it is to navigate, and whether it is mobile-friendly.
  • By improving the user experience of your website, you will see an increase in conversions, plus you should see an overall ranking increase in the search engines, as this is one of the known ranking factors.

6. SEO helps encourage users to contact a local business.

It has been shown in numerous studies that having an impressive online presence also increases customer, client or patient ‘touches’ – calls or emails.

7. Your social media following will increase.

As your search engine rankings increase, more visitors will arrive at your website. Even if they don’t buy from you or make an appointment right away, they may still end up checking out your social media platforms. If your social media profiles offer useful content, you’re your potential customers may follow you as fans, and then become buyers later on.

  • These new followers can also share your marketing messages, leading to an increase in social traffic and sales.

8. SEO helps put you ahead of your competitors.

As you integrate SEO and various other online marketing techniques into your business, you’ll move ahead of those competitors who have not implemented these techniques.

SEO is incredibly important for small businesses these days, as most business owners know. If you’re not implementing it successfully in your own online marketing activities, you are limiting your results, sales, and profits.


Look at what your competitors are doing and see what you can do to rise above them. It will be worth your time and effort.

How do you know what your competitors are doing – who is taking your money?

Our Competition Reports Provide You with Valuable, Actionable Data About Your Competitors’ Online Marketing

Here’s where OPTIMIZE DIGITAL can step up and help you figure it out. We compile Competition
Reports that show you what your competitors are doing in the following digital marketing categories:

  • 1. How are your technical SEO and Google Rankings compared to your primary competitors?
  • 2. Website quality – is yours beating your competition’s?
  • 3. What are your competitors spending on Online Advertising – Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter?
  • 4. How’s their social media presence – do you need to up your game?
  • 5. Local business presence – do your competitors have more ‘Digital Real Estate’?

We pull data from publicly available sources like Google, and put it all together to help you make
informed marketing decisions.

All you need to do is email us your website, and your 3 main competitors.

We’ll email you your report and go over it with you so you know where you stand and what you can
do to catch up to and surpass your competition.

Onward & Upward


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COVID-19: Your Business’s Online Presence & How to Digitize Your Business

What businesses need to do online during the coronavirus outbreak.

Valued clients, colleagues and contacts:

For business owners like us this is a time of uncertainty and disruption, at the very least. And as the founder and face of Optimize Digital, I want to let you that my teams and I are here to support your business during this period.

I’ve put together some bullet points covering coronvirus communications, as well as guidance for adapting your online approach in this new normal, however temporary or lengthy it may turn out to be.As for steps at Optimize Digital:

  • Early last week I directed all teams (and myself) to work from home.
  • I’ve increased Optimize Digital’s content writing bandwidth by hiring extra writers.
  • I’m following up this email with short calls, since each client’s industry and business is unique, each plan of attack will be based on your business.
  • I’ve assured each contracted team member that Optimize Digital will still provide assignments during this outbreak (since our writers and coders are young freelancers who rely on agencies and services like Optimize Digital for their income).

During this time it’s important to stay relevant and trusted by offering even more articles and video content, though that might seem counterintuitive at first glance. Read on to see some of the guidance. Thank you, as always, to our valued clients.

Please reach out by phone (914-631-3613) or email for any further information on this topic, or anything digital marketing related.



Jesse Diamond
Founder/President, Optimize Digital
600 Mamaroneck Ave, Suite 400
Harrison, NY 10528

Steps for businesses coronavirus:


  • Put out your COVID-19 statement on social media, and make it readily available from the homepage of your website. Contact Jesse for guidance or to have your statement created.
  • Formulate a digital presence strategy for your business.
  • Communicate often and communicate clearly: if your hours, your services or your policies change as a result of coronavirus, let your customers and clients know.

COVID-19: Your Approach & Online Presence


With today’s technology it’s possible for most business owners to at least partially digitize their business. Who knows, maybe this period gives us a chance to enhance our services in the long run?

Each business is unique, so please contact us to discuss your specific business.

Here are some ideas and tactics to digitize your business:


  • For professionals who can, it’s time to implement phone or digital appointments and consultations. Initial appointments can be done over the phone, and if video is needed, many clients have Facetime, Skype or any number of video chat services.
  • Design or other home consultations can be conducted via video, and samples can be ordered for direct delivery.
  • For home services companies like plumbers, or HVAC, many times the initial estimate visit can be done through video chat as well.

Create videos using your your computer’s webcam or your phone. Even if it’s just you offering relevant information on how your services help people. Or if you’re still going in to work, take some quick videos of you business in action or of a new product. Send them to Jesse, we’ll edit, optimize, and publish them to engage with your business.


Up the ante on social media. In addition to videos and photos, find useful articles to post. Your existing and potential customers are going to have the time and desire to read or watch your content.



How to help my business during covid-19

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