DOES SEO AND SEARCH MARKETING MATTER? Google is everywhere. The search engine’s influence on potential customers’ decision making is well documented, but can be confusing or daunting for many business owners. The numbers show that when businesses invest their money and/or time in SEO and search marketing, the benefits and relative affordability of the process […]

Online Reputation Management (ORM) The goal of Online Reputation Management (ORM) is to minimize the visibility of negative content in search engine results and replace it with positive content including blogs, press releases, media coverage, social media posts and positive reviews. Here we’ll cover why PR and SEO strategies are effective tools for ORM. Public […]

At Optimize Digital, we focus on getting the maximum SEO benefit for your business. That usually starts with our clients coming up with a keyword list. In fact, every business owner or manager should have a list of keywords that their clients would use to search for their business. There are few ways to go […]