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The “Key” to Local SEO Keyword Strategy

At Optimize Digital, we focus on getting the maximum SEO benefit for your business. That usually starts with our clients coming up with a keyword list.

In fact, every business owner or manager should have a list of keywords that their clients would use to search for their business.

There are few ways to go about keyword strategy, depending on your goals and needs – here we’ll focus on Geographic keywords:

These are county, city or even neighborhood place names that target a specific area. A must for local SEO. We can help businesses focus on their core geographic markets where they already have a strong presence. Or, we can target areas in your market where you want more clients.

Here are some strategies we use at Optimize Digital:

  • Narrowing the search terms down to neighborhoods, e.g. “Northeast Minneapolis” or “Lindon Hills”, can produce better qualified potential customers, as well as increase the relevancy of your website. I.e. better search engine rankings.
  • Denote markets you serve in multiple places on the website: header, footer, sidebar, contact page.
  • We claim and update your business profile on the Top 50 Local Business Directories in the US.
  • We use geographic keywords in the content we publish and manage for your business.
  • The bottom line is that when you are looking for more lo cal exposure for your business, a geographic keywords strategy is the place to start. Without it, you lose focus of who your target market is, and where they are.

By: Optimize Digital

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