Learn About the Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Times have changed for everyone, including marketers. While traditional marketing is still very much alive, there’s no doubt that Digital Marketing is now the pinnacle for companies and brands hoping to stand out in their respective industries.

Digital marketing is all about making connections through various channels. These include email, social media, chat support, and many more. Without the internet and the omnichannel support of digital marketing, the concept would not have existed in the first place.

Basically, what companies need to succeed in this new age of marketing is to make connections with their customers from their local area or other parts of the world. Companies need to make connections with potential customers by showing up in search results, through social media engagement, and by making your website the modern face of your business that also drives customer touches.

The connections made in digital marketing are far-reaching. Unlike traditional marketing, brands are no longer limited to engaging with their customers on a limited scope. The internet and social media make it possible to reach out to everyone worldwide, thus increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns even more.

Digital marketing also makes it possible for brands to reach out to their customers regardless of what device they are using. From desktop to mobile and even wearable devices, the possibilities are nearly endless. This fact is pushing marketers to become more creative with their strategies and the content they produce.

More companies are taking note of the benefits of digital marketing. In fact, recent statistics suggest that digital ad spending globally will increase from 39.7% of total media ad spend in 2017 to 53.9% in 2022. As more companies are joining the trend of digital marketing, the field will become stiffer as well.

As such, it is important for the rest of the marketers in the world to begin their transition from traditional to digital as soon as possible.

Don’t let us tell you why digital marketing has made things easier; the facts and statistics behind it will do that kind of work. If you want to see some awesome digital marketing stats, then look no further as we’ve got the best and most important ones compiled in the infographic that follows.


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